Preschools and Kindergartens In Singapore: How Much Do They Cost?

Written by Shannon Wong on April 9, 2024

Key Takeaways

In Singapore, preschool and kindergarten costs vary significantly, with public options like PCF Sparkletots being more affordable, and private ones like EtonHouse being pricier due to advanced curriculums. Government subsidies are available to help mitigate costs for all Singaporean children, making early education more accessible. Choices between institutions should consider curriculum type, location, and additional educational philosophies.

Choosing the right preschool or kindergarten for your child in Singapore is an important decision every parent faces. It’s not just about finding a place that nurtures and educates; it’s also about understanding the financial commitment involved. With the various options available, from public to private institutions, the task can seem overwhelming. 

This article will highlight the costs associated with preschools and kindergartens in Singapore, helping you make an informed decision for your little one’s early education.

In the following sections, we will discuss the various educational settings available and provide a comprehensive overview of the costs, government subsidies and financial assistance that can ease the financial burden. Additionally, we will cover essential factors to consider when choosing a preschool or kindergarten, ensuring you select the best possible environment for your child’s developmental needs.

Understanding the Types of Preschools and Kindergartens

Public vs. Private Institutions

In Singapore, parents can choose between public and private preschools and kindergartens for their children. Public institutions like PCF Sparkletots are known for their affordability and wide reach. 

On the other hand, private institutions like EtonHouse and Pat’s Schoolhouse offer more diverse curriculums, including Montessori and play-based learning, often at a higher cost.

Montessori Schools

Montessori schools in Singapore, such as Brighton Montessori, focus on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. They encourage children to make creative choices in their learning while the classroom and the highly trained teachers offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.

Play-Based Learning

Play-based learning, a hallmark of many kindergartens and preschools, including Skool4Kidz, emphasises the importance of learning through play. This approach allows children to explore, discover, question, and interact in an engaging environment, nurturing a love for learning from an early age.

The Impact of Curriculum

The curriculum offered by a preschool or kindergarten significantly impacts its cost. For instance, programs with special activities, such as foreign language classes, art, and physical education, might have a higher price tag. 

However, these programs are instrumental in providing a holistic education, preparing children academically, socially, and physically for the years ahead.

Overview of Costs

The cost of preschool and kindergarten in Singapore varies widely depending on the type of institution, the curriculum offered, and the program’s duration (half-day vs. full-day). Government preschools, like PCF Sparkletots, offer a more affordable option, with fees as low as $163.50 monthly before subsidies for half-day sessions. 

Private institutions, such as EtonHouse, can charge upwards of $2,222.12 monthly for their pre-nursery half-day programs, reflecting the premium placed on their specialised curriculums and facilities.

Government Subsidies and Financial Assistance

The Singapore government offers subsidies for early childhood education to ease the financial burden on families. All Singaporean children are eligible for a basic subsidy, with additional subsidies available based on the family’s household income. 

For example, families with a household income of $3,000 and below can receive up to $467 in additional subsidies, significantly reducing the cost of preschool and kindergarten education.

Detailed Cost Analysis

Understanding the financial aspect of early childhood education in Singapore requires an in-depth look at the costs involved. This section breaks down the expenses by institution type, offering a clearer picture of what families can expect to invest in their child’s preschool and kindergarten education.

The Difference in Costs

  • PCF Sparkletots and Other Public Institutions: Representing the most affordable end of the spectrum, PCF Sparkletots charges around $160 to $386 per month for half-day and full-day programs, respectively. This affordability makes public institutions a preferred choice for many Singaporean families.
  • Mid-Range Options: Institutions such as My First Skool fall into the mid-range category, with monthly fees ranging from $741.20 to $1,177.20 before subsidies. These schools balance cost and quality, providing comprehensive curriculums that include a mix of academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Premium Private Institutions: At the top end are premium private schools like EtonHouse, where fees for a full-day pre-nursery program can reach up to $7,511.97 per term. These institutions boast advanced curriculums, state-of-the-art facilities, and smaller class sizes, accounting for their higher fees.

Breaking Down the Fees

It’s important for parents to understand that the fees cover various aspects of their child’s education, including but not limited to:

  • Tuition for the educational program
  • Educational materials and resources
  • Extracurricular activities and special programs
  • Facility maintenance and improvement

Government Subsidies: A Closer Look

To support families, the Singaporean government provides subsidies through schemes like the Child Care Financial Assistance (CCFA) for eligible families. The basic subsidy is available to all Singaporean children enrolled in childcare centres licensed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), with additional subsidies for lower-income families.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Preschool or Kindergarten

Selecting the right preschool or kindergarten is about more than just cost. Parents must consider various factors to ensure their child receives the best possible start in their educational journey.

Location and Convenience

The school’s proximity to home or work can significantly impact daily routines. A conveniently located institution can reduce travel time and stress for parents and children.

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum

Whether it’s Montessori, play-based, or a structured curriculum, the educational philosophy should align with a child’s learning style and the family’s values.

Teacher Qualifications and Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Qualified and passionate teachers are crucial for nurturing a child’s love for learning. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures more personalised attention and support.

School Environment and Facilities

A safe and stimulating environment is essential for a child’s development. Facilities should be well-maintained and equipped with the necessary resources to support a comprehensive learning experience.

Financial Commitment

Finally, the financial commitment involved cannot be overlooked. Beyond the monthly fees, consider the cost of uniforms, field trips, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Choosing the right preschool or kindergarten in Singapore involves balancing various factors, including cost, location, curriculum, and the overall learning environment. By considering these aspects, parents can make an informed decision that best suits their child’s needs and financial situation.

Features of Popular Preschools and Kindergartens

In Singapore, the choice of preschool or kindergarten can significantly impact a child’s developmental journey. While cost is a critical factor, an institution’s reputation and educational outcomes also play essential roles in the decision-making process. 

This section highlights some key features of popular preschools and kindergartens in Singapore, focusing on what sets them apart in terms of educational philosophy, curriculum, and overall learning environment.

Holistic Development

Many of Singapore’s top preschools and kindergartens, such as those adopting the Montessori method or the play-based learning approach, emphasise the holistic development of children. They aim to nurture not just academic skills but also social, emotional, and physical development. For instance, institutions like Skool4Kidz and My First Skool offer curriculums encouraging children to explore their interests in a supportive and engaging environment.

Advanced Curriculums and Facilities

Premium institutions like EtonHouse are known for their advanced curriculums, which may include bilingual programs, inquiry-based learning, and technology integration. These schools often feature state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, art studios, and outdoor play areas, that support various activities to enhance the learning experience.

Qualified and Passionate Educators

The quality of educators is paramount in any educational setting. Top preschools and kindergartens in Singapore have highly qualified and passionate teachers committed to nurturing a love for learning in every child. Continuous professional development ensures that teachers are up-to-date with the latest educational practices.

Community and Parental Involvement

Schools that encourage community and parental involvement often see higher engagement levels and positive outcomes for children. Programs facilitating parent-teacher partnerships and community activities contribute to a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Accessibility and Support

Recognising the diverse needs of Singaporean families, many leading preschools and kindergartens offer flexible programs, such as half-day and full-day options, as well as financial assistance or subsidies for eligible families. This accessibility ensures that high-quality early childhood education is available to a wider segment of the population.

Choosing the right preschool or kindergarten in Singapore is a decision that goes beyond mere cost considerations. While the financial aspect is indeed significant, it’s essential to weigh other crucial factors such as the institution’s educational philosophy, curriculum quality, teacher qualifications, and the overall nurturing environment. Parents can ensure their children get holistic development by carefully evaluating these aspects.

As you start this important decision-making journey, remember that investing in your child’s early education is one of the most valuable contributions to their growth and future opportunities. With careful thought and consideration, you can select an educational institution that not only aligns with your financial capabilities but also supports your child’s developmental needs and your family’s values.

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