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Are you a foreigner residing in Singapore and in need of financial assistance? 1AP Capital offers unsecured foreigner loans of up to S$120,000. Our extended loan tenures deliver one of the best lending experiences for expats or foreigners working in Singapore. Apply Now

A Swift Financial Support for Expats and Foreigners Working in Singapore

If you are a foreigner living and working in Singapore, and suddenly, you find yourself facing an unexpected cash crisis. Without access to traditional banking services due to your residency status, you are unsure of where to turn for financial assistance. That's where 1AP Capital comes in.

We understand the difficulties of living in Singapore, one of Asia's most expensive cities. Between covering rent, managing daily expenses, and remitting earnings back home, the financial burden can be overwhelming.

In moments of financial urgency, don't despair. 1AP Capital's foreigner loan is here to assist. Our foreigner loans provide you with the funds you need to cover emergency expenses, ensuring that you can focus on your health and well-being.

Tailored for expatriates and international workers in Singapore, our approach is understanding and accommodating, with a flexible stance on credit histories to provide the support you need.

As a prominent licensed moneylender, we are dedicated to fulfilling your financial requirements. Consider applying for a foreigner loan with us today.

Fast Loan Approval Process

We streamline our online application process to ensure a swift approval, often within just a few hours for qualifying applicants, making us your go-to for fast financial solutions.

On-The-Spot Disbursement

Once your loan is approved, we ensure you receive your cash instantly, with no delays.

Flexible Repayment Scheme

Our team will assess your income to devise a repayment strategy that suits your financial situation. We offer flexible solutions to meet your unique needs.

Flexible Credit Requirements

1AP Capital tailors financial solutions for expatriates in Singapore, offering easier access than traditional banks. With less stringent criteria, we support even those with imperfect credit or complex residency statuses, ensuring accessible financial assistance for every foreign worker's needs.

Enhancing Your Credit Profile

Our loans are structured to support your financial health, potentially improving your credit profile by consistently meeting repayment deadlines, enhancing your access to more favourable financial terms in the future.

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