How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Child In Singapore

Written by Shannon Wong on May 12, 2022

It’s no secret that raising a child in Singapore is expensive. In fact, it can cost a fortune! According to the Department of Statistics, Singaporean parents spend an average of $241,000 on their children from birth until 18. This amount includes expenses such as food, education, and healthcare. So what are some of the most expensive items for parents in Singapore?

Keep reading to find out!

Pregnancy Costs

The first cost that parents will incur is during the pregnancy itself. Prenatal check-ups at public hospitals cost $500, whereas private hospitals can get to $2,000-$2,500 per visit.

And you’ll have to do several of those throughout your pregnancy.

Then there are the labour costs.

Giving birth in a public hospital in ward A will cost at least $5,016 for a vaginal delivery. Luckily, the sum is only $1,204 for ward C.

Private hospitals are much more expensive than that. The costs reach $10,000 for vaginal delivery and $13,000 for C-section.

Add possible treatments, vitamins, and supplements that your doctor might prescribe, and the total could come up to $1,000 or more sometimes.

However, there are a few grants available to help ease these costs. The Baby Bonus Scheme gives cash gifts of up to $10,000 for each baby, although you’ll receive this money in instalments throughout the first 18 months.

Estimated Cost: $5,000-15,000

0-4 Years

The first few years of childhood will teach you what it truly means to raise a child. You’ll need tons of patience, love, and wine. Also money:


After giving birth, you’ll need to start stocking up on baby supplies.

A cot, for instance, could set you back $200-$500. And if you want a branded one, the price could go up to $2000. The same goes for a stroller- it’s possible to find one for under $100, but the nicer, branded ones can cost over $1500.

If you have a car, you can’t raise a child without buying a car seat. The price of a decent car seat starts from $300. Toys are expensive too:

You’ll need to put aside $200/year for these – maybe even more as your kid grows up.


Pro tip: Even if you get hand-me-downs from your friends and family, be prepared; most parents tend to splurge on expensive and useless toys in the first few years.

Then there are the day-to-day costs of taking care of a baby.


Nappies will probably be your biggest expense in the first few years, as you’ll need to buy several packs every month. A pack of 60 diapers could cost around $50, which means you could be spending $600 on diapers every year.

Pro tip: Consider reusable nappies to save some money and protect the planet.

Of course, you’ll also need to buy baby formula and food, costing around $100 per month. And don’t forget clothes! Baby clothes are adorable, but they’re not cheap. You could easily spend $50-$100 on a single outfit.

Thus, you may spend $2,000-$3,000 per year on consumables and a similar amount on non-consumables.


Unless you can afford to spend four years with your little one at home, you’ll need to find some form of childcare. The cost of childcare in Singapore can be pretty high, especially for infants.

A full-time infant care centre could set you back $720 per month. By comparison, a full-time nanny is $1,500/month. If you’re opting for a domestic helper, prepare $1,000/month.

Pro tip: Even if you choose infant daycare, that doesn’t mean your kid will go every day. Small children catch lots of colds and bugs when they first enter their community because their immune systems are still fragile. So, prepare to alternate between days at the care centre and days of at-home care.

If you have grandparents to help you, you’re a lucky parent!

Estimated Cost: $15,000/year

5-6 Years

It’s completely different to raise a child of 5-6 years than a four-year-old. The difference is that you’re taking these older kids to kindergarten.

Kindergarten isn’t mandatory in Singapore, but it’s good to send your little one because it helps them socialize and learn basic academic concepts.

The cost of kindergarten ranges from $250-$750 per month.

There are also plenty of extra-curricular activities that your child can sign up for, such as swimming lessons, music classes, and soccer practice.

These activities are important because they help your kid learn new skills and make friends. They can also be quite expensive, costing $100 or more per month.

So, you can expect to spend $3,500 per year on your little one’s kindergarten.

You also need food, toys, books, and clothes to raise a child. These items cost $250-$500 per month, leading to at least another $3,500/year.

Estimated cost: $7,000/year

7-18 Years

The school years in Singapore are free. So, unlike the previous years, you don’t need to worry about tuition fees.

You will, however, need to buy textbooks, uniforms, and other school supplies. Depending on your child’s school, this could cost anywhere from $100-$500 per year.

There are also extra-curricular activities to consider. As your child gets older, they’ll be more interested in joining clubs and teams. These activities are essential for their social and emotional development.

They can also be quite expensive, costing $50-$200 per month.

So, in total, you can expect to spend $600-$3000 per year on your child’s schooling.

You also need food, toys, books, and clothes to raise a child. These items cost $250-$500 per month, leading to at least another $3000/year at the very least.

After a certain age, your child will also need gadgets. Yes, in plural form. These can set you back another $1,000 per year, depending on your subscription and the devices you’re purchasing.

Estimated cost: $7,700/year

19-22 Years

The final years of raising a child are the most expensive because your child will be in college or university and living away from home.

The cost of tuition in Singapore ranges from $46,000-$75,000 per year. And that’s not including the cost of living, which is at least $500 per month.

So, you can expect to spend at least $47,000 per year on your child’s college education.

And that’s not all.

Once your child graduates from college, they’ll need to find a job. You may need to help them with that, such as buying a new wardrobe or paying for a professional resume.

Therefore, expect to spend at least $150,000 on your child’s education once they turn 19.

Of course, these are just estimates.

But one thing is for sure: it costs a lot of money to raise a child in Singapore. So, if you’re thinking of starting a family, make sure you’re prepared for the financial responsibility.

How to Prepare for the Costs of Raising a Child in Singapore

Now that you know how much it would cost to raise a child in Singapore, it’s time to start saving.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is crucial when you’re trying to raise a child. That’s because kids are expensive! From diapers and formula to clothes and toys, there’s always something to be bought. And then, of course, there are more significant expenses like childcare and education.

A budget can help you keep track of your spending and ensure that you’re not overspending in any one area. It can also help you set aside money each month to have a nest egg to cover unexpected costs.

Start an Emergency Fund

One way to help offset the cost of raising a child is to start an emergency fund. By setting aside a small amount of money each month, you can create a cushion that can be used for unexpected expenses.

An emergency fund can also help reduce stress levels since you’ll know that you have a safety net if something goes wrong.

Open a Savings Account

One of the most important things you can do for your child is open a savings account in their name. This may seem like a small thing, but it can significantly impact their future.

A savings account is a great way to start teaching your child the importance of saving money. It also allows you to set aside money for their future needs, such as education or retirement. Plus, a savings account can help you build up a financial safety net for your family in case of an emergency.

Consider a Loan

Raising a child is expensive. There’s no way around it.

Even if you’re the most frugal person in the world, there will still be costs associated with keeping your little one alive and healthy. The expenses can quickly add up, from diapers and formula to clothes and healthcare.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may be considering taking out a loan to help cover some of the costs. While it’s certainly not a decision to be made lightly, taking out a loan can be a helpful way to make sure your child has everything they need.

A loan can be a helpful way to bridge the gap when other sources of funding have been exhausted.

In addition to providing the necessary funds, a loan can also help build credit and establish a financial history. As a result, it can be a valuable tool for parents trying to provide for their children.

Just do your research and choose a trustworthy moneylender.

1AP Capital is here to help with tailored packages for parents. Whether you’re looking for an education loan, a medical loan, or an emergency loan, we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

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