Quick Guide: Best Online Grocery Shopping And Delivery Sites In Singapore

Written by Shannon Wong on January 19, 2022

Did you ever do the math on the time spent shopping at physical supermarkets? Even if yours is just around the corner, you’ll still spend at least 45 minutes. Walking the isles, comparing, and assessing the products you need is very time-consuming.

Conversely, you can complete your online grocery shopping session in under 10 minutes. Besides, the world is facing COVID-19 right now. We are all encouraged to stay indoors, to stay home.

By ordering from the comfort of your home in Singapore, you’re decreasing the risk of meeting someone infected and possibly asymptomatic. And, you get to save energy as the delivery crew sends your grocery purchases right to your doorstep!

Luckily for us, Singapore has a huge galore of online shops, especially for groceries and daily necessities! Some are convenient, well-provisioned, and quality, while others are unreliable. Keep reading to find out the 6 top online supermarkets in terms of their pros, cons and unique selling points!


A Quick Summary Of The Top 5 Online Grocery Websites In Singapore 


The six online grocery shopping and delivery sites below cater to different needs, but they’re trustworthy and of high quality. You should choose the right supermarket according to your shopping style and preferences, which is why we’ve discussed these sites’ pros, cons, and unique selling points.

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Here’s What Makes Each Grocery Site Special

1. RedMart: Best Knocked-Off Prices

The majority of Singaporeans know and love RedMart. Everyone shopped here at least once and appreciated the well-stocked shelves. You can find most of the things you want here, which means you won’t have to click on other websites.

You can buy pet care products, skincare and beauty products, plus kitchen supplies along with your groceries from RedMart. However, some reviewers complain about the lack of kitchen appliances, lighting, and small furniture.

That said, RedMart’s unique selling point is its frequent price cuts. Although this supermarket is already affordable, it organizes regular discounts and rebates. For instance, Mastercard owners get a 10% knock-off and everyone gets free delivery with purchases over $60.

The bulk promotions attract a lot of customers too because certain products come with a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” tag. You can also benefit from increasingly low fees during certain holidays or events.

Another advantage to RedMart is that you can plan your shopping with the “My Lists” feature. Spend a little time during your first shopping sessions and get to know their offer. Then, save your favourite items and create useful shopping lists so that you can finish your shopping spree in five minutes or less.

The RedMart Lazada app will also help you save more time and plan your budget. Remember that, according to some online reviews, this app is less intuitive than the former version.

Visit their online grocery shopping website here.


2. Giant Online: Best For Bargains

Giant Online is probably the cheapest supermarket in Singapore because it features affordable brand-name products along with ridiculously cheap in-house products. To top it all off, Giant offers you rewards, deals, and promotions galore. As such, you can save a lot of money by visiting this website.

However, the products that bear the Giant brand aren’t top quality. They’re good enough especially if you have a tiny budget or if you enjoy bargain hunting, but they’re not premium finds. This is not the supermarket for fussy shoppers. 

So, you can find a lot of hidden gems within Giant’s virtual shelves, but you can also purchase functional items for your entire house. Apart from food, care products, and cleaning supplies, Giant also has some nice-looking basic furniture at low prices.

On the other hand, shopping at Giant requires some planning. One reason is that the minimum purchase for free delivery is $60.

Visit their online grocery shopping website here. 


3. All for You by Sheng Siong: Best For Quick Shopping And A Chance To Win Their Lucky Draw

Sheng Siong is best for quick shopping because it offers registered users eight memory slots you can use to plan your shopping. Once you come to know Sheng Siong’s supply, you can easily select the things you need and arrange them within these available lists. Therefore, your shopping can be done in a few seconds.

This feature is very helpful if you’re time-challenged or if you have problems sticking to your budget. Sheng Siong helps you save more money and more time, but it also ensures recurrent customers with this tactic.

People who understand and like this system will come back for more shopping because Sheng Siong is on top of their minds. The advantage to you is that thanks to its loyal base of recurring customers, Sheng Siong affords to drop its retails and feature attractive discounts. These promotions will help you save more money too.

Sheng Siong is also known for its fresh seafood and fresh produce. Customers can order fresh fish or prawns from them.

Besides, Sheng Siong has more product categories than RedMart, so you won’t feel the need to shop anywhere else. All customers are entitled the chance to enter their weekly lucky draw which gifts 100 or 1,000 times the amount they spent.

On the negative, you don’t have the convenience of an app and your total purchases have to be at least $100 for free delivery.

Visit their online grocery shopping website here.


4. NTUC Fairprice Online: Best Varied Supply At Affordable Prices

NUTC is known to offer the most affordable groceries on our sunny island. The supermarket hits you with the giant, glimmer “OFFER” headline on their homepage that tells you this website has all the rebates and price-cuts you need.

A glance at the product categories also tells you that the supply is varied enough for most of your needs. You can even buy electronics and automotive products, and not just food, beauty & care or cleaning products for your family.

As such, NTUC Fairprice has value deals, bulk deals, and buy-2-get-1-free deals for most of these items, while those that don’t feature these discounts are fairly affordable. They also offer Purchase-With-Purchase items to entice customers to buy more groceries.

You may worry that heavily discounted and cheap items are low quality, but that’s not the case. Most of the products here are good enough if you’re not fussy.

If you’re having problems sticking to your budget, you may worry that these many discounts can tempt you to spend more money on useless things. But that’s not the case if you’re using the NTUC shopping list option that helps you pre-plan your shopping within the limits of your budget.

On the downside, NTUC Fairprice has been accused of deceiving advertising. As such, its house products are similarly packaged to original brands and this supermarket isn’t as affordable as it claims to be.

Visit their online grocery shopping website here.


5. Cold Storage Online: Best For All Tastes


Cold Storage wants to satisfy the needs of all Singaporeans, and that’s why it retails both premium and generic products. Prices of goods at Cold Storage are priced higher but in return, they have a greater variety of goods and carry more brands. If you are looking for a rare food brand, your best chance is at Cold Storage. 

Next, Cold Storage boasts a large line of products, such as appliances, aromatic drinks, baby care products, kitchen supplies, and organic food. Check the weekly discounts and bulk promotions for lower-priced items and don’t forget to read the Cold Storage blog.

That said, Cold Storage isn’t perfect. Its delivery strategy disappoints a lot of online reviewers who find that other supermarkets offer more accommodating deliveries. As such, when you open the Cold Storage website, you need to choose a time slot according to your address. If you can’t wrap up your shopping within 30 minutes, the delivery slot is reassigned to someone else.

Another problem is that a free slot might not appear at all when you open their website, which means you’ll have to refresh their webpage almost constantly.

Visit their online grocery shopping website here.



Things are not easy for everyone as Singaporeans combat COVID-19. All of us are encouraged to stay at home, work from home, exercise from home and shop online to reduce physical contact with others.

While some of us might, unfortunately, be facing financial difficulties due to the poor economy, the Singapore government has been stepping in with Budgets and grants to help.

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