Apply for Wedding Loan Singapore at Affordable Interest, Marriage Loans for your Glamorous Big Day (2024 Update)

Written by Shannon Wong on March 9, 2024

Are you planning your big day in Singapore? Your wedding day is without doubt the most important event in your adulthood. It also marks the beginning of a new aspect of your life and it is thus understandable that every couple wants to celebrate this day in style.

Here is where 1AP Capital’s Wedding Loan / Marriage Loans comes in. If you are looking for an affordable loan to finance your wedding, we have the answer for you.

I Am Not Sure If I Should I Take A Wedding Loan To Finance My Wedding…

Like everything else in Singapore, weddings are expensive with the average cost standing at S$30,000 to S$50,000. For a large glamorous wedding, you will have to cough up to S$100,000. Every aspect of the wedding from the bouquet, dowry, solemnization, bridal package to your honeymoon will eat into your budget. This is where a wedding loan in Singapore comes into place.
Is it financially prudent to take a loan with 1AP Capital to finance your wedding? This is a question every couple asks when broaching this subject. And sometimes, you might need cash urgently to cover the downpayment. To answer this crucial question, consider the following features of these loan products:

  • Tailor-made wedding loan packages: Unlike a personal loan from your bank, which is not specific to the purpose, a wedding loan is specifically designed for couples. Traditional lenders don’t give tailor-made loans for weddings and this is one reason private lenders have come in to fill the gap. You will have a qualified loan assistant to work with you throughout the application and repayment period.
  • Flexible marriage loan packages: Every couple has unique needs for their weddings. More importantly, everyone has their own financial situations. As such, the loans offered are pegged on your ability to repay. The loan schedule is prepared after evaluating your income. You will not be burdened with hefty loan repayments immediately after your honeymoon.
  • Protecting your assets: Many couples in the country have been forced to go for secured loans from banks to finance their nuptials. This is a risky situation because you might end up losing your car or home if your financial situation changes in future.
  • Easy application and approval: Unlike your bank or credit union that will keep you waiting for weeks before approval, your personal loan for wedding in Singapore is easy to apply and get approval. In fact, all established moneylender like 1AP Capital will provide convenient online application forms. You will receive quick confirmation of your loan application, and you just need to turn up at the office with the required documents.
  • Affordable interest rates: There are many moneylenders in the country and they are competing to find more clients. This makes them offer competitive interest rates. And this is why 1AP Capital is one of your TOP choice for money lending as it provides you with the affordable rates in Singapore.
Convinced to apply for wedding financing? Talk to us today and let’s make your marriage dream a reality. Click here to apply for a wedding loan today.

What Are The Items Required To Buy For A Western Wedding In Singapore?

Singapore has a large population of expats from western countries. Most of these are now permanent residents having settled here for a long time and decided to make the city their home. In addition, there are many tourists choosing this as their perfect wedding destination.

1. Scintillating Singapore Wedding Venues

There are amazing wedding locations including the Salt Grill and Sky Bar, Burkin Hall, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Tamarind Hill, Shangri-La’s Rasa, Hort Park among others. If you are planning to host a western wedding in the city, there are highly experienced wedding planners who understand everything you need. What’s more, they provide tailor-made solutions.

2. Pulling off the Perfect Western Wedding

Forget what you have heard because the truth is, a Singapore wedding is expensive. Weddings in the country cost around $30,000 to $50,000. To pay for a western wedding, you need to have a financial plan. This is where a personal loan for wedding in Singapore comes into play. Every couple has unique financial needs and with a tailor-made wedding loan, you will be able to pull off an elegant event.

To appreciate why you need a wedding loan, consider the wide array of items and services you have to procure for this special day:

  • Wedding solemnization: This is a crucial part of every western wedding. You have to pay for the location and other reception costs.
  • Dowry: This is an important part of weddings in any society. It is important to strictly adhere to the requirement to start off on the right footing.
  • Bridal package: This is a big part of a western wedding. This includes bridal gown and suit purchase or rental, pre-wedding shootout, wedding album, makeup and planning costs.
  • Wedding bands: This is another crucial item that has to be included in a western wedding. These can cost somewhere from $2,000 to $6,000. Of course, you want the most elegant rings to mark this union.
  • Wedding banquet: Your guests will be coming from across the world and you have to pull off a great party. The cost of a banquet will be range from S$30,000 to S$ 47,000.
  • Video and photography: You will have to pay for every moment to be captured for posterity. As bride and groom, you will not get to see much of what is going on, hence the need for professional video and photos.
  • Honeymoon: The culmination of a great wedding is a glamorous honeymoon at your favorite destination.
Worried that you can’t afford all these items? A wedding loan in Singapore from an established moneylender like 1AP Capital is all you need. Click here to apply for a wedding loan today.

What Are The Items Required To Buy For A Chinese Wedding In Singapore?

If you are planning a Chinese wedding in Singapore, it is crucial to understand the cultural implications in this important ceremony. Unlike western weddings that are formal and devoid of too much cultural aspects, Chinese weddings are firmly grounded in traditions and customs.

In order to start your union on the right footing, it is important for a couple to strictly observe every aspect of this traditional ceremony. There are financial implications of course considering Singapore is the most expensive city in the world.

There are so many things to buy and a wedding loan in Singapore will come in handy. These weddings are glamorous and they are truly a community affair. There are a number of ceremonies that mark a Chinese wedding in Singapore and with each, gifts and specific items are required. Below is a quick guide to help you prepare for this big day:

  • Guo Da Li items (过大礼): Guo Da Li is the Chinese betrothal ceremony where the bride and groom’s families meet as a show of sincerity. The groom’s family will bring gifts in sets that will include a betrothal basket, dragon and phoenix candles, a can of pig trotters, jewelry for the bride, hard liquor or wine, a red banner to be hang over the door, and oranges.
  • Jia Zhuang (嫁妆): This is dowry presentation, which is a crucial part of a Chinese wedding. The bride brings dowry that includes sewing kits and baby prosperity sets. These signify the bride’s acceptance to become a wife.
  • Hui Li (回礼): This is called returning of gifts and the bride’s family comes to show their gratitude for the groom’s generosity. A portion of the gifts will be returned while other items include a tea set, bed linen, bed side lamps, dining set for the couple, gold jewelry, sewing basket among others.

Of course, you have to consider the wedding banquet and entertainment for the guests during all these ceremonies. There are decorations and you have to be adorned in the best clothing. All these add to the expenses. With a personal loan for wedding in Singapore, you will be able to pull off a successful wedding and impress the families while at it.

Applying for a wedding loan is easy and you will enjoy a tailor-made package that caters for every aspect of these ceremonies. The idea is to help you fully enjoy this special event without having to worry about the cost. Click here to apply for a wedding loan today and you will start your union on a strong foundation with flexible repayments.

What Are The Items Required To Buy For A Malay Wedding In Singapore?

A wedding is one of the most important events in your adulthood. It is an event that marks a bold decision so it should be celebrated in style. If you are planning a Malay wedding in Singapore, it is important to adhere to all the customs and traditions. There are elaborate ceremonies marking this big phase in your life.

1. Elaborate Malay Wedding Rites

These traditional Islamic marriage rites that accompany the wedding are important and they will help form a strong foundation for your union. As a couple, it is important to get more insight into these rites in order to plan adequately. There are so many items and services to procure and the financial implications will have to be considered. A wedding loan in Singapore will help offset these costs and allow you to pull off a magnificent Malay wedding in line with the traditions and customs.

2. What You Need For A Malay Wedding

If you want to get the blessings from the families, it is advisable to strictly observe these customs and don’t spare any expense to do what is required. Below are some of ceremonies and items required for each:

  • Betrothal gifts: Exchange of betrothal gifts is an important part of a Malay wedding. Couples present each other with gifts and money although there are no restrictions on the gifts you can present. Gifts range from handbags, food, and jewelry. The groom also presents Duit Hantaran $8,000 to $15,000. These gifts are offered before solemnization.
  • Dowry: During the bertunang (engagement) mas kahwin (dowry) will be paid and again this is done before solemnization.
  • Marriage preparatory course: This is a 2-day course offered at the mosque or by Islamic organizations. A certificate is issued after the course.
  • Berinai (henna night): 2 to three days before the wedding, henna night is held and while it is not mandatory, it is perfect for the bride to enjoy one more time with friends and family and take photos for posterity.
  • Weddings decorations and catering: This starts three days to the wedding day. Flower arrangements known as Sireh Dara and Sireh Junjung that are gifts between groom and bride are used to decorate the dais. A lot of food will be required because guests can turn up even a day before the big day.
  • Actual wedding day: This is a 10 hour affair including solemnization and reception (Majlis Persandingan). You have to wear elaborate traditional Malay attire to make the ceremony fully authentic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After solemnization, it is advisable to offer the kadi a gift because they are not paid for the service.

To pull off a glamorous Malay wedding, Click here to apply for a personal loans for weddings in Singapore with 1AP Capital today. The memories you create will be indelible.

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