Need Financial Help For Your Plastic Surgery? Apply For A Customized Plastic Surgery Loan And Find Out The Available Surgery Options In Singapore (2020 Update)

Written by Shannon Wong on May 14, 2020

It is natural that we want to look our best. Ladies want to look pretty and men want to look good.

This could be as simple as getting that dress that emphasizes your curves, or that eyeshadow that brings out the color of your eyes. Other times it can mean getting some help from a cosmetic surgeon.

Whenever people hear about plastic surgeries, they first place that comes to mind is South Korea. In Korea, cosmetic surgery has become very common where even parents have been known to give their children such surgeries as their birthday gift. Looking the best is of utmost importance. While this is unheard of in Singapore, cosmetic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular trend especially among young women today.

Getting Plastic Surgery Is No Longer A Taboo

Just like how feet binding is a thing of the past, peopleโ€™s mindsets are changing. Most people no longer frown upon the thought or mention of plastic surgery.

In the past, not many people in Singapore are willing to admit having plastic surgery done or even talk about getting it. The idea of plastic surgery puts a frown on peopleโ€™s faces and for a long time, this topic was considered a taboo. However, as more celebrities and social media influencers came out to openly discuss about the procedures theyโ€™ve undergone, it has become more acceptable to talk about the subject.

Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, is a popular blogger who admits to having had at least 4 cosmetic procedures done. The petite blogger said she felt victorious after having her appearance changed. Sheโ€™s had an Alarplasty (to narrow the nostrils), an implant on the bridge of her nose, a procedure to replace the implant when it became crooked, and a double eyelid surgery.

Bong Qiu Qiu, another popular blogger, has had a total of 10 cosmetic surgeries. She even admits to not being able to recognize what she looked like before the surgery. She now feels like she has achieved what she wanted to do through her journey with cosmetic surgery. The procedures sheโ€™s undergone include a jawline reduction, paranasal implants, chin augmentation and fat grafting. She says these procedures have made her look less masculine and have better skin and features.

Famous for her role as Kim Mi So in popular Korean drama โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong with secretary Kimโ€, actress Park Min Young has also admitted to having plastic surgery done. She mentioned that the first surgery she had gotten was a double eyelid surgery in junior high school. Subsequently, she also had a nose job done to improve her looks. Park Min Young is honest about the procedures she had undergone and had shared them in interviews.

As more Singaporean bloggers and celebrities admit to having cosmetic procedures done, more people are gaining the confidence to not only talk about plastic surgery, but to actually take the step and have their dreams fulfilled.

Funding Plastic Surgery In Singapore

Whether we like to admit it or not, a personโ€™s appearance affects their quality of life as well as how they are treated by others.

It may also determine the type of partner you attract. Appearance affects your confidence and thereby your level of success. Cosmetic surgery could be what you need to change your destiny.

While there are various cosmetic surgery clinics in Singapore, many Singaporeans prefer to go to other countries to have these procedures done. Popular destinations include Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea. The competitive prices and the level of expertise in these locations are among the top reasons why Singaporeans are opting to have the procedures done outside the country.

It doesnโ€™t matter whether you want to have the procedures done locally or abroad. Plastic surgeries can cost a lot. This is especially true when you want to ensure that you have a skilled and experienced team working with you.

If youโ€™re determined to have the surgery done and donโ€™t have enough in your bank account to cater for the costs, you can consider taking a loan to pay for your cosmetic surgery. These loans help even if you have some savings. It is important to note that the plastic surgery should not deplete too much funds in your savings account and should not touch on your emergency funds. Getting financial help will give you latitude to ensure that you get the best possible care, and therefore ensure better results.

There are various costs that you should consider when determining the cost of cosmetic surgery. These include the cost of anesthesia, the cost of the actual procedure, as well as hospital fees and doctorโ€™s fees. A standard tummy tuck can cost anywhere between S$800 and S$9,000 in a standard clinic.

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures In Singaporeย 

Below are the common plastic surgery options in Singapore and their estimated price range. Prices vary with each individual and do note that costs are much higher at clinics with highly experienced surgeons.

1. Liposuction

This surgery helps absorb and remove fatty cells from specific areas. If one is overweight or has been trying to lose fats in areas such as your arms and tummies but is not making progress, then liposuction could be a way to help. Liposuction removes excess fat cells to give one the perfect figure.

Estimated cost: $15,000 to $20,000

2. Rhinoplasty (Otherwise known as nose job)

This surgery helps patients achieve a thinner and higher nose for a more pleasant looking face. If one has a flat or crooked or wide nose, this surgery can help to better the shape. There are two types of rhinoplasty, known as the open and closed approach. The surgeon will make an incision between the nostrils or under the nose in the open approach. In the closed approach, the incision will instead be made inside the nostrils, reducing the chance of scars.

Estimated cost: $6,000 to $15,000

3. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as a boob job, where the surgery helps females increase their breast size. The two common ways for breast augmentation is by inserting silicone implants into the chest or by transferring fats from other parts of the body to the breasts.

Estimated cost: $15,000 to $18,000

4. Blepharoplasty (Otherwise known as double eyelid surgery)

Double eyelid surgeries are the most popular plastic surgery in Singapore. With this surgery, ladies born with mono-lids or less obvious double eyelids can get the eyes that theyโ€™ve always dreamed of. The method that most ladies choose is known as the non-incisional stitching double eyelid surgery. It is usually scarless and takes about a week to two for recovery. The other common double eyelid surgery requires the doctor to make an incision, a cut on your eyelids to create permanent lines and the recovery period takes about two to four weeks.

Estimated cost: $3,000 to $6,500

Plastic surgeries seem really expensive, right?

The good news is that you can access a low-interest loan to ensure full payment for your procedure from most money lenders. If you opt to use a traditional financial institution, you can apply for a personal loan.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Applying For A Loan

There are various factors to keep in mind before you apply for a loan for cosmetic surgery.

1. Your credit score

Ensure that you have a good credit score. This will help you get a lower interest rate and possibly fee waivers or even cashbacks. A good credit score can easily lower the cost of your loan.

2. The interest rates and charges

Compare different lenders to get the lowest interest rates. Be sure to consider charges and other terms of the loan before you sign the dotted line.

3. Total debt service ratio

In order to protect borrowers, the Monetary Authority of Singapore doesnโ€™t allow people to borrow more than 60% of their gross monthly income. You should therefore consider your total debt and determine how much you can borrow. This includes personal loans, home loans and other forms of credit.

4. Tenure

What are your options when it comes to tenure? Talk to the lender to find out what would work best for you. Choose a tenure that you will be comfortable with because you may take months or even years to repay the loan. You may prefer a shorter tenure if youโ€™re able to pay bigger installments.

Donโ€™t let money come between you and your dreams. If you require financial help, 1AP Capital is here to help you. Simply fill in our online loan contact form or speak to our friendly consultantsย here.ย 


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