Getting LASIK Loans In Singapore - Cost Of LASIK Treatment And Ways To Ease The Costs (2020 Update)

Written by Shannon Wong on September 18, 2020

In layman terms, LASIK is a surgery for you to get rid of your glasses, for good.

LASIK surgeries have been getting more popular on our sunny island. This eye surgery in Singapore can be a costly procedure that runs into thousands of dollars. Since the procedure is generally regarded as elective, it is not covered by insurance plans. This means that many people may feel that this form of vision correction is not within their financial capabilities. 

Before we go into the costs of LASIK surgeries in Singapore, let’s find out what they are, how they are done and why do people opt for LASIK surgeries.

What Is A LASIK Surgery?

What-Is-A-LASIK-Surgery AP Credit LASIK Loans LASIK Funding

LASIK is a type of vision surgery or correction that involves lasers. It consists of a flap being created within the cornea by using a laser. Surgeons remove the tissue from the cornea, which enhances its ability to reflect light to the part of the eye known as the retina.

This form of surgery does not need a lot of down time and a significant number of people are able to go back to work the next day. The surgery is a common treatment solution for farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. Usually, the full recovery period for a LASIK surgery takes around three to six months where you will have to be extra protective of your eyes. You will need to put on sunglasses and there will be regular follow-up appointments with your doctor as well.

LASIK surgeries in Singapore do burn a hole in most people’s wallet as the procedure usually costs between $3,388 to $6,000.

Fortunately, there are various financing options that can be considered to ensure LASIK is as affordable as possible for individuals who are unable to pay for the total cost of the surgery upfront. Using these types of financial plans through monthly payments for the procedure helps to make the costs much more manageable.

LASIK Funding

Aside from options such as setting aside funds in an account or finding out whether the surgeon can accommodate payments in installments, there are ways to finance LASIK to make it more affordable for everyone.

It has become increasingly common for people to organize monthly payments for a range of medical issues, including LASIK. It is important to begin by ensuring that the financing company is credible before applying for a loan.

Companies that offer financing for LASIK vary in terms of the plans they provide, that may range from short-term to extended payments. Some companies may allow borrowers to spread out the payments over a period of time without the burden of extra costs. Several payment plans may charge minimal or no interest and interest rates vary widely for long-term payments.

Applying For A LASIK Loan To Fund The Surgery

Applying for a loan from a financing company is an easy and quick process that is comparable to getting other conventional loans. It is important to be adequately prepared with the required information when taking the steps that are necessary for completing the application.

Usually, the requirements for getting a loan will be placed on the licensed money lender’s website. Interested applicants can either apply for the loan through their online system or visit the money lender’s physical shop.

Applying For LASIK Loans Online

Secure and confidential applications can be obtained directly online, which is a method that is often preferred by lenders and borrowers. This helps to save a lot of time. Successful applicants obtain the funds they need within a short period after submitting their applications and some licensed money lenders are able to approve the loans within minutes.

Prior to applying for a loan, it is always a good idea to shop around for various financing companies and choose a reputable organization.

Paying Off Loans

As with other types of loans, payments should be made on time to avoid late fees and penalties. Various lenders have their own penalties for people who default on loan payments. Penalties may include tainting one’s credit record, substantial late fees and losing no-interest or low-interest rates.

Some lenders do not penalize pre-payment or paying off loans in advance. People who plan to pay off their loans in advance are advised to clarify the policies that pertain to additional fees when dealing with a financing company for LASIK surgery in Singapore.

Advantages Of Getting A LASIK Loan

Advantages-Of-Getting-A-LASIK-Loan LASIK Singapore

  • Obtaining a LASIK loan from a financing company in Singapore is unlike traditional options of getting a loan from a bank. Licensed money lenders are able to speed up the application process and you may be able to get your funds within hours.
  • Alternative lenders do not base their lending decisions on credit scores and reports. Borrowers who have past credit problems or bad credit can be approved after being turned away by banks and other traditional financing institutions.
  • With installment loans, each payment reduces the amount of debt.
  • Considering advantages such as manageable repayment periods and faster decisions, an alternative lender makes it possible for more people to enjoy the world without contacts or glasses.


Vision correction or surgery through LASIK may be the answer for individuals who are tired of the expense and hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses. With a LASIK loan, clearer vision is an accessible reality. People no longer have to allow costly procedures to stop them and their loved ones from seeing clearly. LASIK loans can be used to pay for quality vision care and cover the costs of LASIK. 1AP Capital offers affordable loans for everyone and if you have any questions, feel free to speak with our friendly consultants today!

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