14 Amazing MUJI Items to Buy for Your Home (Highly Rated)

Written by Shannon Wong on April 26, 2024

Key Takeaways

MUJI offers 14 highly-rated items perfect for enhancing home functionality and aesthetics with a minimalist design. These items include practical wooden trays, oak stacking shelves for space maximization, a durable wooden chest, and stackable rattan boxes for stylish storage. Each product is designed to integrate seamlessly into any living space, promoting both elegance and practicality. These items embody MUJI’s philosophy of simplicity and utility, making them must-haves for a tranquil and organized home environment.

MUJI, a brand loved for its minimalist and straightforward design, has become a household name across Singapore. Known for its high-quality and affordably priced products, MUJI offers a variety of items that enhance home aesthetics and improve functionality. From sleek furniture pieces to innovative storage solutions, each product promises to bring a sense of tranquillity and order to your living spaces.

This article explores 14 highly rated MUJI items that are perfect for incorporating into your home, detailing their design, functionality, and how they can be integrated seamlessly into daily life.

1. Acacia Wooden Trays

Versatility and Elegance in Design

MUJI’s Acacia Wooden Trays epitomise the brand’s philosophy of simple, beautiful utility. Made from natural acacia wood, these trays feature a stunning grain texture that brings a warm, organic touch to any room. The durability of acacia wood makes these trays not just decorative but a long-lasting addition to your home essentials.

These trays are perfect for serving breakfast in bed, organising accessories on a dresser, or as a chic stationary holder on your office desk.

The trays’ clean lines and natural finish complement any décor style, from rustic to contemporary.

Durable Construction

Unlike trays made from more sensitive materials like glass or metal, acacia wood offers resilience against scratches and dents, maintaining its form and functionality over years.

Acacia wood is known for its hardiness and rapid growth, making it an eco-friendly choice for household items.

Simple care routines such as wiping with a damp cloth and occasional oiling will keep these trays looking their best.

Incorporating these trays into your home enhances its aesthetic appeal and promotes a lifestyle of sustainability and mindfulness. Whether used as a serving piece or decorative storage, MUJI’s Acacia Wooden Trays are a testament to the beauty of functional design.

2. Oak Stacking Shelves

Compact Design with Robust Utility

MUJI’s Oak Stacking Shelves are a great solution for maximising space in small living areas. Crafted from sturdy oak wood, these shelves promise durability and a timeless aesthetic that can blend seamlessly into any decorating style.

They are ideal for compact spaces. You can easily customise your storage space by stacking multiple units vertically or arranging them side by side.

Stylish and Functional

These shelves are practical and enhance your space’s visual appeal, making them a top choice for storage and display purposes.

They are perfect for storing books, displaying ornaments, or organising office supplies. The oak construction provides substantial weight capacity and stability, even when fully loaded.

By integrating these oak stacking shelves into your home, you are choosing a piece that is both functional and decorative. It can adapt to various needs while maintaining a sleek, minimalist look.

3. Wooden Chest with Four Drawers

Minimalist Design Meets Optimal Storage

The Wooden Chest with Four Drawers from MUJI follows the brand’s style of minimalism and functionality. Finished in warm oak, this chest adds a touch of natural elegance to any room, while offering ample storage space.

The simple lines and smooth finish adhere to MUJI’s minimalist design principles, making it an attractive piece of furniture.

Each of the four drawers offers generous storage for clothes, linens, or household clutter, keeping your space tidy and well-organized.

Durable and Versatile

This chest is a stylish piece built to last, crafted from high-quality wood that ensures durability over time.

The wooden chest with four drawers easily complements other furniture items in your home due to its neutral and understated look.

With its practical design and aesthetic versatility, the Wooden Chest with Four Drawers is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their home storage solutions with style.

4. Stackable Rattan Boxes

Elegant Storage Solutions

Embrace the charm and functionality of MUJI’s Stackable Rattan Boxes to keep your home organised in style. These boxes combine the natural beauty of rattan with the practicality of their stackable design, making them a great addition to any room.

The knitted design adds texture and interest and allows for breathability, which is particularly beneficial for storing textiles. Each box comes with a lid that helps protect the contents from dust and allows for neat stacking, optimising vertical space.

Multi-Room Use

From the living room to the bedroom, these rattan boxes can be used throughout the house to store a variety of items while adding a decorative touch.

Use them in the living room for storing magazines, in the bedroom for clothes, or even in the bathroom for towels. Their ability to stack neatly makes them ideal for small apartments or homes needing to maximise storage space efficiently.

MUJI’s Stackable Rattan Boxes offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. They provide a sophisticated solution to clutter and enhance the overall decor of your home.

5. Stainless Steel Wire Basket

Chic and Versatile Organizational Tool

MUJI’s Stainless Steel Wire Basket exemplifies the brand’s commitment to combining practicality with modern design.

This basket is ideal for organising a variety of items, making it a versatile addition to any room in your home. The wire basket comes in different sizes so that you can purchase your preferred one.

The sleek, minimalist look complements any décor, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

Perfect for Multiple Settings

Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or office, this stainless steel wire basket serves multiple purposes and helps keep your space organised and tidy.

For kitchen use, it is great for holding fruits, spices, or utensils.

For bathroom storage, it is ideal for toiletries, towels, or beauty products.

For office organisation, it keeps office supplies neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Integrating these baskets into your home helps in decluttering and adds a touch of minimalist elegance to your space.

6. Bacbac Planter Cover

Innovative and Stylish Greenery Addition

The Bacbac Planter Cover from MUJI transforms conventional storage bins into chic plant holders, offering a clever solution for adding greenery to your home without sacrificing style or space.

With its unique design, this cover fits snugly over MUJI’s medium-sized plastic storage bins, instantly converting them into modern planters.

Because it is made from natural bacbac fabric, it adds a rustic touch while versatile enough to complement any interior design.

Ideal for Urban Living

Particularly suited for apartment dwellers or those with limited outdoor space, this planter cover allows you to bring a bit of nature indoors in a fashionable way.

Some of its pros is that it utilises vertical space effectively, making it perfect for small apartments. It also enhances the decor with its modern look while providing functional plant housing.

By incorporating the Bacbac Planter Cover, you can enjoy the benefits of indoor plants—such as improved air quality and a touch of nature—without needing additional floor space.

7. Waterproof Smartphone Speaker

Enhance Your Bathing Experience

MUJI’s Waterproof Smartphone Speaker is designed to bring audio entertainment into your bathroom, blending seamlessly with the minimalist style of your home. This device not only plays high-quality sound but also features a waterproof design perfect for wet environments.

One of its featured is the touch-sensitive controls, quality sound output, and durable waterproof construction. Its simple, functional design complements bathroom aesthetics while allowing for easy interaction.

Multifunctional and Convenient

Ideal for those who enjoy music or podcasts while bathing, this speaker adds a layer of relaxation to your bathroom routine without fear of water damage.

Perfect for unwinding with soft music or staying entertained with your favourite shows, it can be placed on any flat surface in the bathroom, including shelves or the side of the tub.

This waterproof speaker from MUJI meets the practical needs of a modern bathroom and adheres to the brand’s aesthetic values.

8. Soda Glass Storage Jar

A Minimalist Solution for Everyday Storage

MUJI’s Soda Glass Storage Jar exemplifies the brand’s minimalist design philosophy while providing a practical storage solution. This versatile jar can be used across various rooms in your home, bringing both functionality and a clean aesthetic.

It features a simple, clear glass design that allows you to easily see its contents, perfect for those who appreciate a neat and orderly appearance.

Ideal for storing kitchen spices, bathroom essentials, or office supplies, the storage jar’s uniform look blends in with any decor.

Enhancing Home Organisation

This storage jar isn’t just for practical use; it also serves as a decorative element that can elevate the overall style of a space.

Keep your spices and grains at arm’s reach while maintaining a clutter-free counter with this jar.

Tip: Fill with colourful bath salts or homemade crafts for a visually appealing display.

By integrating these glass storage jars into your home, you’re choosing a product that marries the beauty of simplicity with the efficiency of organisation, making it a must-have for any minimalist space.

9. Aluminium Square Hanger With Pegs

Innovative Hanging Solutions

The Aluminium Square Hanger With Pegs from MUJI offers a sleek, space-saving solution to hang various items neatly and efficiently. Its robust design and functional aesthetics make it a valuable addition to any home.

Made of high-quality aluminium, this hanger comes equipped with multiple pegs, ideal for hanging kitchen utensils, towels, or even accessories.

The Aluminium square hanger with pegs can be mounted over the door, on a wall, or hung from a ceiling rail, adapting to your specific spatial needs.

Utility Meets Style

MUJI’s hanger is not just about utility but also enhances the decor with its modern, minimalist design.

The hanger utilises vertical space effectively, freeing up counters and drawers and it is perfect for kitchens to hang pots and pans, bathrooms for towels, or entryways for coats and scarves.

This aluminium hanger is an example of how MUJI products combine durability, style, and practicality to help homeowners optimise their living spaces efficiently.

10. Jute Vegetable Storage Bag

Eco-Friendly Storage Option

Designed with sustainability in mind, MUJI’s Jute Vegetable Storage Bag is an excellent choice for those looking to store their produce in an environmentally friendly way. This bag not only helps keep vegetables fresh but also contributes to a greener planet.

The storage bag is made from natural jute, known for its breathability and durability, which helps to keep vegetables fresh longer.

The bag’s porous nature allows air to circulate freely, reducing spoilage, while the robust design ensures it can hang securely, saving valuable kitchen space.

Practical and Aesthetic

With its natural look and practical design, this storage bag fits seamlessly into any kitchen setting, promoting both usability and style.

Ideal for use in the kitchen to store bulky items like potatoes and onions off the counter, Its rustic appearance adds a quaint charm to your kitchen decor, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

MUJI’s Jute Vegetable Storage Bag is perfect for those who value eco-friendly products that do not compromise on style or functionality, making it a thoughtful addition to any home.

11. Beech Wood Clock

Timekeeping with Style

The Beech Wood Clock from MUJI brings a blend of functionality and serene aesthetics to your home. Crafted from beech wood, this clock is not only a timekeeping accessory but also a piece of decor that complements any room with its understated elegance.

Made from durable beech wood, known for its light color and fine grain, it adds a touch of natural beauty.

If you’re looking for a simple look, this clock features a clean, minimalist face that promotes clarity and ease of reading time without the clutter of excessive design elements.

Enhancing Sleep Hygiene

Placing this clock in your bedroom can help improve your sleep hygiene by reducing blue light exposure and dependency on mobile phones for time checking.

Healthwise, this clock encourages a healthier sleep cycle by reducing the nighttime exposure to blue light emitted by smartphones. Its silent mechanism ensures that your sleep is undisturbed, while its aesthetic appeal enhances your bedroom decor.

MUJI’s Beech Wood Clock is ideal for those seeking a functional, stylish, and health-promoting timepiece for their home.

12. Aroma Diffuser

Creating a Soothing Atmosphere

MUJI’s Aroma Diffuser not only serves the functional purpose of scent distribution but also acts as a subtle decor piece that enhances the aesthetic of any room. Utilising ultrasonic waves to emit a fragrant mist, this diffuser helps in creating a calming atmosphere in your home.

Sleek and modern, it integrates seamlessly into any decor style while using advanced ultrasonic technology to quietly distribute your favourite essential oils.

If you’re looking to improve your overall well-being, it is ideal for using with oils known to calm, energise, or help focus, thereby improving overall well-being.

Versatile and User-Friendly

This aroma diffuser is designed for ease of use, making it a simple yet essential addition to your home wellness routine as it can help set a relaxing ambience for yoga or a productive atmosphere for work.

There is an auto-shutoff function that activates when water levels are low, ensuring safe operation.

With its stylish design and health-promoting features, MUJI’s Aroma Diffuser is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their living space’s comfort and functionality.

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13. Igusa Unit Tatami

Traditional Aesthetics with Modern Appeal

The Igusa Unit Tatami by MUJI reinvents traditional Japanese flooring for contemporary use, offering a unique aesthetic and texture to modern homes. This unit is versatile, providing comfort and style whether used on the floor or as a decorative wall piece.

Crafted from Igusa grass, it exudes a soothing natural scent and controls humidity. What’s exciting is that it Integrates traditional Japanese elements with modern needs, offering a piece that is both functional and visually appealing.

Flexible Usage

Its modular design allows for multiple uses, adapting to your home’s needs and personal taste.

You can use as a floor mat for sitting or meditation, or hang as a tapestry for a striking visual element.

The Igusa Unit Tatami is ideal for children’s rooms, providing a safe and comfortable play surface.

MUJI’s Igusa Unit Tatami combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary living needs, making it a distinctive and practical addition to any home.

14. White Porcelain Toothbrush Stand

Elegance in Everyday Essentials

The White Porcelain Toothbrush Stand from MUJI is a testament to the brand’s ability to infuse elegance into everyday items. This stand offers a hygienic and stylish solution to store toothbrushes, enhancing the cleanliness and decor of your bathroom.

Porcelain is easy to clean, resistant to bacteria, and provides a stable base for toothbrushes. The sleek white porcelain complements any bathroom aesthetic, providing a touch of sophistication.

Practical Features

Designed with practicality in mind, this toothbrush stand ensures your bathroom remains organised and visually appealing. Its compact design occupies minimal counter space while offering maximum functionality. Unlike plastic alternatives, porcelain ensures longevity and maintains its appearance over time.

This toothbrush stand is perfect for anyone who combines functionality with chic design in their bathroom essentials.

Elevate Your Home with MUJI’s Elegance

These 14 exceptional MUJI products, serve a practical function and bring a minimalist, aesthetic charm to your living space. MUJI’s commitment to quality and design ensures that these items can enhance your daily living environment by merging simplicity with modern functionality. Whether it’s the tranquillity of a Beech Wood Clock, the organisational prowess of Oak Stacking Shelves, or the soothing ambience created by the Aroma Diffuser, integrating these products into your home is an investment in both comfort and style.

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