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Minimum $500, Maximum $100,000
Maximum 36 months
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Total Interest
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The result from repayment calculator is for reference only. Actual result will be based on customer’s final loan amount, credit rating and other factors as assigned and considered by 1AP Capital.

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Our Loan Products

Business Loan

Boost your business with 1AP Capital's quick, collateral-free loans. Enjoy fast approvals, attractive rates, and flexible repayments. We respond in a day.

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Bridging Loan

Finance 20% down payment on your new condominium or executive condominium while awaiting proceeds from the sale of your existing HDB flat. 1AP Capital is here to support you with a bridging loan tailored to ease your transition.

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Medical Emergency Loan

Financial constraints should not limit access to quality healthcare. 1AP Capital's Medical Emergency Loan provides prompt financial support for your medical emergencies. Our loans reach up to S$100,000, with extended repayment periods to ease your burden during critical times.

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Foreigner Loan

Are you a foreigner residing in Singapore and in need of financial assistance? 1AP Capital offers unsecured foreigner loans of up to S$120,000. Our extended loan tenures deliver one of the best lending experiences for expats or foreigners working in Singapore.

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Medical Loan

Our medical loan at 1AP Capital provides support for hospital visits, urgent treatments, surgeries, and prescriptions, which can accumulate significant costs. We offer unsecured medical loans with extended repayment periods designed to ease the financial burden of medical expenses.

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Condo, HDB, or Room Rental Loan

At 1AP Capital we offer unsecured loans for your condo, HDB, or room rental needs, offering competitive terms and extended tenures to ensure you receive a top-tier financial solution. We aim to cater to your housing rental requirements with flexibility and efficiency.

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Personal Loan

Offering unsecured personal loans up to S$120,000. Fast, straightforward online applications with funds available within 24 hours. Enjoy low interest rates and no hidden fees for a hassle-free borrowing experience.

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Home Renovation Loan

Transform your space with our unsecured home renovation loans, offering up to S$120,000 and flexible repayment terms for your dream home makeover.

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Travel Loan

We make your dream vacations come true. 1AP Capital's travel loan covers everything you need for the perfect getaway. From your flight tickets and cosy hotel stays to delightful dining experiences and shopping sprees.

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Bad Credit Loan

We offer unsecured urgent bad credit loans up to S$50,000 with quick applications and 24-hour fund access. Enjoy low interest rates, no hidden fees, and a hassle-free process, designed to help you to overcome urgent financial challenges and rebuild your creditworthiness.

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Wedding Loan

Celebrate your special day without worry. 1AP Capital's wedding loans cover everything from your banquet and bridal essentials to rings, dowry, and honeymoon.

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Debt Consolidation Plan

We offer the best debt consolidation plan in Singapore, providing unsecured loans of up to S$120,000. With the advantage of extended repayment periods, our offerings stand out among the finest available in the market.

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Instant Fast Cash Loan

A swift and reliable online instant fast cash loan in Singapore for all emergencies. Get an instant in-principle approval and collect your money on the spot. Ensure immediate relief without complex procedures, catering to various unexpected situations with reliability and ease.

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Overseas Education Loan

Our overseas education loan is designed to support your child's pursuit of an internationally recognised degree outside Singapore. We provide unsecured loans featuring extended repayment periods, making it easier to manage your finances while investing in your child's future education.

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Local Student Loan

1AP Capital's Local Student Loan empowers your child to advance his or her career without financial hurdles. Offering flexible and unsecured loans, we're here to support your child's journey towards a brighter future.

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